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Entering into your bedroom after a tiring day, you need a warm welcome by the walls, your bed, and by the room décor. Research says bedroom décor plays an important role in sound sleep. If you are an insomniac, try this suggestion; you will see the difference. Keep on changing the interior of your bedroom because things start making you get bored. Change is for life and the same is true for bedroom décor. Are you planning to do so?

Here are six factors to make your task easier, if considered for your private room’s décor. Enjoy reading!

  1. Pick Your Favourite Coloor For Paint!

When it comes to painting the walls, go for your favourite colour. How soothing it is to come back in a room with your favourite colour reflecting through the walls and display photo onto canvas (don’t forget to match the colours). Don’t think about what’s IN and what’s OUT, when it comes to your own choice of the colour. You can also pick the complementary colours in connection with your favourite colour. The complementary colours can be used for other décor items. Do consider you are decorating your very personal bedroom, not a living room, so make some personal choices with complete independence.

  1. Choosing The Fabric: Tough Decision!

The best piece of advice is to pick one fabric type and go for that wherever it is needed. Although, it may look tough to use a single fabric type for curtains, bedding, and even the upholstery, but in the end the result will be just awesome. If still you want a different approach, go for using solid fabric to supplement the main fabric.

  1. It’s All About Lighting!

Lamps are a must in bedroom décor, but mood lighting will give your room a soft touch. You can use floor cans, picture lights and candles for mood lighting. These items help in projecting the light upward. Candles will create a romantic and dreamy environment in your bedroom.

  1. Soft Texture To Pacify The Room

Always prefer soft textures to fulfil the main purpose of bedroom décor, which is composure and appeasing. Silk and cotton should be at top of the list when it’s about fabric. Pillows can add a level of comfort and enhance the appearance of your bedroom.

  1. Protect Privacy

Your bedroom is your private place, so keep its privacy protected. The windows should have proper covering for night. You will see your room cosier that way.

  1. Use Canvases For Wall Decor

The last suggestion is to pick the best of your pics or go for nature’s beauty and get them printed on canvas. This idea will surely give a dramatic uplift to your bedroom. Make sure that you have chosen the right Canvas printing services with It will save you cost without compromising over the quality.

A bedroom is the most precious place in a home. Best décor can make it the source of perfect sleep and a reason to get rid of insomnia. How did you find these factors influencing your bedroom décor?  By making the best choices of colours, fabrics, canvases; you will see how much comfort your bedroom will add to your life.

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