New Garage Doors

Replacing a tired old garage door is a simple job if done properly. To avoid potential issues, you need to carefully consider a number of factors to avoid both costly mistakes.

Choosing the right garage door type

In recent years, many homeowners have turned to space saving roller doors and sectional garage doors primarily because these types of door offer many advantages over traditional up and over type canopy doors.

Also, because they can be made to include insulation, they help to reduce the amount of heat lost from the garage meaning they have become a popular replacement door where the garage is attached to the main part of the house.

Having said that, not all types of garage door are suitable for all garages. It will therefore pay to take your time and consider all the space requirements that the door may need in order to operate correctly before making a firm decision as errors may prove costly.

Select the garage door from a reputable supplier

As with any form of product, there are a wide number of suppliers all making garage doors to similar designs. However, to avoid buying an inferior quality door that starts to fall to bits after a year or so, be sure to select from one of the major brand name manufacturers. Whilst they may cost slightly more than some doors, the quality and guarantees are well worth the extra.

Measuring the garage door correctly

When measuring for a new door, you need to be first aware of the type of door you are looking to install. For a replacement for an up and over door this is simple. Just measure the internal frame size for both width and height and this will give you your ordering size.

Where sectional garage doors or garage roller shutter doors are to be installed, they will require careful consideration. As they fix to the back of the opening you will require a certain amount of side room each side of the opening to allow the track or guides to fix to. Also, because roller doors will require space for the box to sit behind the lintel,  be sure to speak to your supplier to find out the dimensions required so you can double check the garage provides enough space to do so.

Installation of the garage door

So long as you have the correct size door and the correct tools installation is simple. Always be sure to fully read and understand the manufacturer`s installation instructions prior to commencing the work so you are fully aware of the steps. Remember, a garage door is a large and heavy moving object and as such should be treated with great care and attention. Incorrectly installed garage doors are dangerous and an accident waiting to happen therefore if you are not confident in any way be sure to employ the services of a garage door installation engineer.

Servicing the garage door

In order to prolong the life of your new garage door, be sure to have it serviced as per the recommendations set out by the manufacturer. Doing this will ensure the door remains safe and warranties are kept valid for the full period.

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