Choosing Paint for Your Home

We all know that when it comes to choosing paint colours there is a huge amount to choose from in terms of colours – in fact you can often take in a colour sample and the staff in the store will match that colour by mixing the pain for you. But what about the paint finish or the sheen of the paint?  Choosing the finish you want is actually fairly straight forward as there are basically four types:

Flat / Matt


Semi Gloss / Silk Vinyl


Note that the finish and sheen of a paint can really change the appearance of a room quite dramatically from a soft dull finish to a very high silky or gloss finish

Which one you choose will often depend on what you are trying to achieve with the interior design, for instance if you are looking to spread more light around the room, then a silk sheen is able to reflect and bounce light around a room.

Flat / Matt Paint

This produces a dull finish and is great if your walls have imperfections as these don’t show up as much.  The downside to a Flat / Matt finish is that it is not that easy to clean.

Satin Paint

This produces a really nice soft and warm finish to a room.  It is a little easier to clean, compared to Flat / Matt and works well in bedrooms.

Semi Gloss / Silk Vinyl Paint

When applied and dried this finish produces quite a shine to the walls.  It’s great for places like the kids room as it is so easy to clean.  If you end up getting crayon on the walls you will find that this finish allows you to easily clean it off with some warm water and soap.

Quick Tip:  If you are going to use Semi Gloss / Silk Vinyl paint then ensure you repair and holes or cracks in your walls and ceiling prior to use as this will show up any imperfections in the surfaces.

Gloss Paint

Most people use this to create a very high shiny finish to woodwork, including doors, wood trim and baseboards (skirting boards).

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