Choosing a Rug for Your Home

Few items of home furnishing bring colour, style and personality into contemporary surroundings than does a traditional rug. They work on the floor or as a wall decoration. Modern reproductions of traditional designs in both natural and man-made materials make these rugs accessible for all budgets.

Well-chosen traditional rugs give warmth and personality to any room. They are the ideal covering for hardwood, tiled or laminated floors, but also add an extra touch of magic over a fitted carpet. They can work in any home, office, showroom, shop and art gallery. Follow a few tips to make the right choice.


If you are decorating a blank room, start by deciding on the size and design of the carpet. Traditional rugs come in a multitude of designs that date back thousands of years. Over the centuries, makers of Chinese, Persian, Indian, Tibetan, Afghan, Central Asian and North African rugs have exchanged and adapted their patterns. All of these designs are available today in modern versions. Choose between swirling dragons in a Chinese rug next to straight, minimalistic furniture, or miniature motifs in a simple Bokhara design if the furniture is more intricate. A delicate and intricate pattern within large diamond shapes like Persian Afshar can suit modern and traditional furniture alike. It’s always a good idea to take time to look around websites and books to decide on the design of your choice.


Originally, traditional rugs came in a limited number of colours. There were mostly reds for Persian, Central Asian and Afghan rugs, more blues and yellows in Turkish and Indian carpets and a whole mixture of colours in Chinese and North African designs. The advantage in modern reproductions is that you can adapt the design to modern colours. You only have to make sure that the colour you choose doesn’t clash with any other colour schemes in the room. Also make sure that the colour fits in with a room’s lighting, by either bringing out more light or subduing it. You can buy a Bokhara design in shades of gold and beige, rather than its traditional red, or a Marrakech rug in just about any colour combination you prefer.


Wool and silk have been the traditional rug materials. Carpet makers knotted the fibres by hand. The more knots in a space, the more expensive the rug. Today, rugs from man-made fibres are quicker to make, lighter to carry and cheaper to buy. Silk rugs are used as wall hangings as well as floor coverings. An artificial silk rug has a soft, satin-like texture that can cover a floor, wall and even add an extra decoration over a fitted carpet.


Traditional rugs bring beauty and character into any room at an affordable price. The wide choice of designs and colours means that you can rugs between rooms whenever you feel like a little change in the decoration. Man made materials such as artificial silks provide fabulous rugs at affordable prices.

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